Shifting winds, and the change that follows.

Note: This was written yesterday, but I held off posing it. Ninja edit below.

A little over a month ago, Calculon, CEO of White Talon Enterprises, went MIA, along with our second in command, Schwigg. Unreal, our interim leader, has been holding us together, and planning for the inevetable fact that WTE was dead in the water. At the beginning of this month, Unreal was finally able to contact Cal, and our fears were confirmed. He will be gone from EVE for an undetermined amount of time. Now, it was officially time to move on. Unreal, along with fellow WTE member Raiden Kane, formed Semper Liber, a new corporation for the active members of WTE to transfer into. Luckily, we still had access to our corporate hangar and access, so our ship provisioning program was able to continue with the new Corp.

Our first order of business as Semper Liber, we scouted out a decent war target. As of yesterday, we are at war with the Hyperion Ore Mining and Exploration. A group of mining and missioning carebears, we figure they’ll be a good first target for us. As the war officially became active, we started our operations with a camp of the gates into their home system. As expected, they turtled up in station while we were active. Our resident badass, GahMatar, was able to chase down one of their pilots who was out in a fail-fit rocket Crow, which was torn apart quickly by Gah’s Taranis. Next, Mykael Skychild was able to track down a member who for some reason thought that he’d be safe flying an Exhumer with a WT in system, and promptly remind him that he’s not.

Now, as we’ve been expecting, we have been counter-dec’d by Dark Side of the Womb, a 20+ member mercenary Corp with some decent kills. Now we’re preparing to fight a war on two fronts. No problem at all, as we’re not expecting much by the way of offensives from Hyperion.

Within the past 24 hours, we’ve seen multiple members of Hyperion jumping ship, transferring to either noob corps, or another corp headed up by a former member. In addition to this, last night a gang of Semper Liber members was able to hunt down Guldarn, co-CEO of Hyperion, outside of a station. FRAPS was running, so we managed to get footage of the takedown. Link:

This morning, we’ve discovered that Hyperion has surrendered. They’re apparently leaving their alliance, and moving to a 0.0 alliance. Boo! We’ll have at least a week of fighting with the mercs hired to deal with us, but we kind of expected something like this to happen.


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