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Open for business!

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Recently, Semper Liber have been disussing our plans for the future. When we all left White Talon Enterprises and formed Semper Liber, we all decided that our first objective as a Corp was to get in some high-sec war-decs. This played well to our strengths, and gave us some direction while we were just starting out. After a month of griefing carebears, with less fighting than we’d like from our targets, Semper Liber has decided to become mercenaries. With this in place, we can continue our high-sec wars, this time getting paid for it, as well as still have roams, grief carebears, and basically do whatever we’d like.

I’m excited for this new endeavor. It will be a new career choice for me, and should be fairly profitable as well. We plan on opening recruitment soon to help fill in some of the gaps we have as far as skills and abilities. Having new blood in our ranks will help us appear to be tougher, as well. Hell, Division of Caldari Expansion thought we were just a couple dudes and their alts. They also thought our CEO was 3 months old, so maybe they’re a bad example. The point is that we are still a rather small Corp, with less than 20 members, and not that scary looking on paper.

So, if you have a job that needs handling, be it counter-dec’s, spying, scouting, clearing out macro miners, bodyguard, asset protection/denial, or even an assasination, feel free to get in touch with us in-game!

On a Tyrannis related note, I trained the first few levels of Remote Sensing and the Command Center skills, and did some preliminary scanning and scouting of planets. I have no idea what I will end up deciding on for goods to produce, but Semper Liber plans on doing some PI work, so I’ll probably just take a queue from on of our logistical guys who have a better head for industry than I. Getting some passive income flowing is always a good thing.


Fun in Tama

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So, up until today, Semper Liber was fighting two wars. One with Division of Caldari Enterprise, a carebear Corp who Gah’Matar, our Director of Extortion, introduced us to, and the other was from Yojimbo Heavy Industries. The Yojimbo war dec was brought to us courtesy of our member PlanetaryGenocide. As our war with U.S. Air Force was coming to an end, he managed to catch one of their members far away from their HQ, apparently attempting to avoid us. A fight ensued, and PG ended up podding him. He sent the CEO of U.S. Air Force a copy of the killmail.

This he apparently did not find humorus, so he hired Yojimbo to dec us. This lasted about 2 days before it was retracted. This was probably partially caused by Unreal taking several of them in his Proteus, which has an incredible tank. I guess having a tough ass T3 on your side helps scare away the wannabe mercenaries.

So with that out of the way, we’ve been going on roams to Tama for some pew pew. I haven’t spent much time in Tama, but it seems like people are there mainly for one reason: PVP. I decided to take a chance, and take out my Taranis down there this Saturday for some action. Joining me was Mykael Skychild, Raiden Kane, and the cunning talented handsome modest Buck Flintrock. We spent some time scanning down targets, played cat and mouse with a couple of pilots who got wise to us, avoided Faction Warfare blobs, and got a couple kills in. What we could engage and what we could actually get to fight was kinda slim, but I managed to score my first kill in my Taranis. Unfortunately, real-life prevented me from spending too much time in Tama that day, and when I returned the next day, there was even more blobs and less viable targets.

I’m currently training Propulsion Jamming 5, which has about a little over a week to go until completion. After this, I’ll probably train a level in Medium Blasters to work towards T2 blasters for my cruisers and the like, then continue down the path towards HIC’s. Until then, I’ll be flying my Taranis until it goes down in a ball of fire, then I’ll take my new Manticore out to put it through its paces. Haven’t done much stealth bomber work, but with the wolf packs we’ve been running, I figured it would come in handy.


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I’ve been trying to find an income source to fund my pvp, and while I’m finally close to L4 missions with the Caldari Peace & Order corporation, I’m sick of them. There’s a reason that it’s taken me so long into my career to finally graduate beyond L1 missions. I hate mission running.

At the suggest of some corpmates, I’ve begun trying ninja ratting in nullsec. This has more inherent danger than mission running, which means more excitement for me. I outfitted a new Harpy built soley for this purpose. A loadout was suggested by our resident EFT, Gah’Matar. Seriously, the guy’s got a knack for great fits without using EFT.

[Harpy, ratting]
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

1MN Afterburner II
Small Shield Booster II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Light Neutron Blaster II, Antimatter Charge S
Light Neutron Blaster II, Antimatter Charge S
Prototype Cloaking Device I
Light Neutron Blaster II, Antimatter Charge S
Light Neutron Blaster II, Antimatter Charge S

Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I
Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

This has been handling rats like cake. Frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, whatever. It can tank anything the Guristas can throw at it, and still dish out some decent DPS. I’ve been ratting in a decent spot of nullsec, a stationless system with several belts outside of d-scan range from gates, so I have ample time to safe up and cloak when local jumps. So far, the rewards have been good, with what appears to be a much better time to ISK return than my missioning accomplished. I was able to rack up about 10m ISK in about a half hour’s work. Not bad, an even if it’s short what I could be making running missions, they’re sooooo fucking boring. Give me a hairy run through low/nullsec and a region swarming with Russians over “Break Their Will” any day.

That Bastard…

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Finally finished Gallente Frigates V yesterday, so I went out and fitted up a dual-prop Taranis. Took it out to see how she handles, and I’m in love. Haven’t even fired her T2 Ions yet, but I have a feeling that I will have a lot of fun in this ship.

After fitting the Taranis, which I’ve dubbed the “Popalock”, I decided to head down towards Heimatar, and see what kind of trouble I can get in to. Not trusting my pvp skills with the new Taranis, I hopped into my Merlin, the Warbird, I started out on my trip to Wiskeber, scanning systems for targets as I went. In Otosela, I scanned down a Retreiver in a belt, but landed 20km off target, and with only a scram fitted, I was unable to get point on him before he warped out. Hoping I could trick him into coming back, I added him to my address book, and bookmarked his can. He then logged off, so I jumped into the next system and waited a bit. He does log back on after a short wait, but even giving him ample time to get back to mining, when I dropped back into the belt, he’s nowhere to be seen. He logs off once again, and I call it quits. Here’s hoping he frequents that belt regularly.

After this, Alex Carmel meets up with me in Wiskeber with his Taranis, and we do a bit more roaming. Jumping into one system, I’m shocked to see 130+ in local. It appears that we stumbled onto an EVE University POS shoot, complete with 2 carriers and a dreadnought. We moved on, but were unable to find anything outside of battlecruisers and ships at POSes. Alex logs as he’s falling asleep at the helm, and we all know how dangerous that can be.

Next, another corpmate of mine, Buck Flintrock, comes and joins me in his Jaguar. We make it about 1 jump into Todifrauans, and while Buck was at a safe spot checking on typical loadouts on a potential target, a Vexor piloted by Raelyf dropped right on top of him, and got a point on him. I hesitated jumping to him at first, knowing that I don’t have a web fit, and that the Vexor’s drones may be too fast for my blasters. I ended up warping to him, and landing just seconds before Buck popped. Buck warned me that he was going down, and tried to wave me off, but in the end, I figured that I came down here for a fight, and goddamnit, I wanted a fight, even if I lost, and on top of that, Raelyf is in The Bastards, and we figured that he would most likely ransom Buck’s pod. Being full of implants, we figured that was bad. I locked him up, activated my DCU and shield hardener, and started shooting him. Buck’s Jaguar popped, then the Vexor turned his attention to me, scrambling me, and siccing his Warrior II’s on me. I knew I was toast, but kept fighting. I tried burning away from him, but couldn’t get out of the range of his point before my shields died, and my little Merlin’s armor and hull went kablooey. Both Buck and I were able to get our pods out, GF’s were exchanged in local, and we made our way back to highsec to reship.

Now that the Warbird has seen combat, I can begin fine tuning the fit. I like the speed my Merlin has, and the tank is decent, but I do not like not having a web for drones, and after the incident with the Retreiver, I think I’d rather have a disruptor fitted instead of the scram. Luckily, I have 5 more Merlin hulls waiting for me back at home, so I have plenty of room to experiment. And hopefully, I’ll be able to bring out that Taranis soon.

Good greif!

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So, moving is complete, and it appears that I’ve figured out my computer issue. It is looking like a bad stick of RAM. I’ll be trying to get it replaced soon. Until then, i’ll just run one stick of 2GB.

This is well timed, as Semper Liber now has an active war-dec. U.S. Air Force is our new target, and fighting officially began Tuesday at 00:37 EVE time. We’ve racked up several kills, nothing special, and we’ve sent demands for our terms of surrender. Now, we continue the greifing process until we get paid. This is my first time operating as a greifer, and so far I enjoy it. No kills for me yet, but judging from the ones we’ve got already, that should be relatively easy to fix.

I’ve cast my vote for CSM this year, with Mynxee as my selected representative. I hope that she does well, and represents my corp’s interests in null and lowsec.

I’ve done some rearranging on my skill plan, making Gallente Frigates my current focus. In a little over a day and a half, I will be able to fly Gallente interceptors, assault frigates, and covert ops/stealth bombers. This excites me, as flying a Taranis and Ishkur sound like a whole lot more fun than my current Caldari options. I’ve also decided to go for Heavy Interdictors instead of the destroyer-based variant. The Onyx should be a better ship to solo in, and should survive longer in general than the Flycatcher. After finishing Gallente Frigates V, I’ll focus on my battlecruiser and battleship gun skills, while also moving towards HIC’s.

One last thing of minor significance. I finally got a solo kill. However, it was a noob ship, so no great feat. I went out on a roam recently with my corpmate Alex Caramel in his Taranis and me in my Merlin. While scanning belts, Gah located a Ritter ratting, and quickly dispatched him. There wasn’t enough time for me to get there before he popped, but when I saw him come back to the same spot in a Reaper, I just couldn’t resist. There weren’t many targets around, and I was anxious for blood.

Hopefully my next fight won’t be so one-sided.