Good greif!

So, moving is complete, and it appears that I’ve figured out my computer issue. It is looking like a bad stick of RAM. I’ll be trying to get it replaced soon. Until then, i’ll just run one stick of 2GB.

This is well timed, as Semper Liber now has an active war-dec. U.S. Air Force is our new target, and fighting officially began Tuesday at 00:37 EVE time. We’ve racked up several kills, nothing special, and we’ve sent demands for our terms of surrender. Now, we continue the greifing process until we get paid. This is my first time operating as a greifer, and so far I enjoy it. No kills for me yet, but judging from the ones we’ve got already, that should be relatively easy to fix.

I’ve cast my vote for CSM this year, with Mynxee as my selected representative. I hope that she does well, and represents my corp’s interests in null and lowsec.

I’ve done some rearranging on my skill plan, making Gallente Frigates my current focus. In a little over a day and a half, I will be able to fly Gallente interceptors, assault frigates, and covert ops/stealth bombers. This excites me, as flying a Taranis and Ishkur sound like a whole lot more fun than my current Caldari options. I’ve also decided to go for Heavy Interdictors instead of the destroyer-based variant. The Onyx should be a better ship to solo in, and should survive longer in general than the Flycatcher. After finishing Gallente Frigates V, I’ll focus on my battlecruiser and battleship gun skills, while also moving towards HIC’s.

One last thing of minor significance. I finally got a solo kill. However, it was a noob ship, so no great feat. I went out on a roam recently with my corpmate Alex Caramel in his Taranis and me in my Merlin. While scanning belts, Gah located a Ritter ratting, and quickly dispatched him. There wasn’t enough time for me to get there before he popped, but when I saw him come back to the same spot in a Reaper, I just couldn’t resist. There weren’t many targets around, and I was anxious for blood.

Hopefully my next fight won’t be so one-sided.


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