Fun in Tama

So, up until today, Semper Liber was fighting two wars. One with Division of Caldari Enterprise, a carebear Corp who Gah’Matar, our Director of Extortion, introduced us to, and the other was from Yojimbo Heavy Industries. The Yojimbo war dec was brought to us courtesy of our member PlanetaryGenocide. As our war with U.S. Air Force was coming to an end, he managed to catch one of their members far away from their HQ, apparently attempting to avoid us. A fight ensued, and PG ended up podding him. He sent the CEO of U.S. Air Force a copy of the killmail.

This he apparently did not find humorus, so he hired Yojimbo to dec us. This lasted about 2 days before it was retracted. This was probably partially caused by Unreal taking several of them in his Proteus, which has an incredible tank. I guess having a tough ass T3 on your side helps scare away the wannabe mercenaries.

So with that out of the way, we’ve been going on roams to Tama for some pew pew. I haven’t spent much time in Tama, but it seems like people are there mainly for one reason: PVP. I decided to take a chance, and take out my Taranis down there this Saturday for some action. Joining me was Mykael Skychild, Raiden Kane, and the cunning talented handsome modest Buck Flintrock. We spent some time scanning down targets, played cat and mouse with a couple of pilots who got wise to us, avoided Faction Warfare blobs, and got a couple kills in. What we could engage and what we could actually get to fight was kinda slim, but I managed to score my first kill in my Taranis. Unfortunately, real-life prevented me from spending too much time in Tama that day, and when I returned the next day, there was even more blobs and less viable targets.

I’m currently training Propulsion Jamming 5, which has about a little over a week to go until completion. After this, I’ll probably train a level in Medium Blasters to work towards T2 blasters for my cruisers and the like, then continue down the path towards HIC’s. Until then, I’ll be flying my Taranis until it goes down in a ball of fire, then I’ll take my new Manticore out to put it through its paces. Haven’t done much stealth bomber work, but with the wolf packs we’ve been running, I figured it would come in handy.


One Response to “Fun in Tama”

  1. Buck Flintrock Says:

    My name is Buck and I approve of this blog entry.

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