Open for business!

Recently, Semper Liber have been disussing our plans for the future. When we all left White Talon Enterprises and formed Semper Liber, we all decided that our first objective as a Corp was to get in some high-sec war-decs. This played well to our strengths, and gave us some direction while we were just starting out. After a month of griefing carebears, with less fighting than we’d like from our targets, Semper Liber has decided to become mercenaries. With this in place, we can continue our high-sec wars, this time getting paid for it, as well as still have roams, grief carebears, and basically do whatever we’d like.

I’m excited for this new endeavor. It will be a new career choice for me, and should be fairly profitable as well. We plan on opening recruitment soon to help fill in some of the gaps we have as far as skills and abilities. Having new blood in our ranks will help us appear to be tougher, as well. Hell, Division of Caldari Expansion thought we were just a couple dudes and their alts. They also thought our CEO was 3 months old, so maybe they’re a bad example. The point is that we are still a rather small Corp, with less than 20 members, and not that scary looking on paper.

So, if you have a job that needs handling, be it counter-dec’s, spying, scouting, clearing out macro miners, bodyguard, asset protection/denial, or even an assasination, feel free to get in touch with us in-game!

On a Tyrannis related note, I trained the first few levels of Remote Sensing and the Command Center skills, and did some preliminary scanning and scouting of planets. I have no idea what I will end up deciding on for goods to produce, but Semper Liber plans on doing some PI work, so I’ll probably just take a queue from on of our logistical guys who have a better head for industry than I. Getting some passive income flowing is always a good thing.


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