Out of the Shadows

Today saw roaming fun in some of our usual haunts. I brought out my Manticore for it’s first combat, and I’m very happy with the performance of it so far. I can work as a scout thanks to the covert ops cloak on it, and I can also get in on the kill mails with some decent damage from my torpedoes. I enjoy being able to be very selective with my targets as well, taking time to figure out my odds, and also call in the calvary precisely where they’re needed.

First off, I located a lone Cormorant ratting in a belt. Got myself in range, called in Unreal with his Curse, and pop went Jarowit, CEO of C.E.T.C, who are apparently here for sex AND violence according to their Corp description.

Next, while roaming near Mara, Alex Carmel engaged a Hawk, hoping to hold it until we could arrive. Unfortunately, we were a little late in getting there, and a Maller showed up, and started engaging Alex as well. Alex ended up popping, and the Hawk bugged out. The Maller stuck around, and then had to deal with Alex’s backup. He didn’t last long. We were all quite surprised to discover 7 Medium Trimarks in his cargo hold, all of which dropped.

Earlier in Tama, Alex got probed out, and lost a Tristan. After roaming around a bit, we returned to Tama, where the pilot that killed just happened to jump back into system with Alex. Knowing he saw him, Alex warped to his old wreck, and waited in his Vexor. We all waited patiently, hoping that the pilot would check back at the wreck. Soon, probes showed up on d-scan, and in he drops with a Harbinger. We warp in, the Curse neuts him to death, and then we melt him.

At this point, I think we were talking about maybe calling it quits. Personally, I was doubting my luck in keeping alive would hold out much longer. Then a Drake pops up on scan. We can’t pass this up. I find him ratting in a belt, call in the other guys, and we begin raining fire down on him. He dies pretty quickly.

This next one was hilarious. We find a Caracal sitting about 250km off this belt not moving at all. With some quick positioning by Raiden Kaine in his Purifier, Unreal dropped in on him at near perfect range, tackles him, and starts draining his cap. I was unfortunately out of range, and he died before I could get my torpedoes to him. As he warps off, he leaves this gem in local:

[00:18:51] Aromenoslow > good kill pussy i was slipping , i will be in my drake next time.

We all had a good chuckle at his fit, as well. Evidently he was worried about his cap.

After this, I call it quits. A great first run for my stealth bomber, and my killboard stats have never looked better. I’m looking forward to refining my fit, and possibly attempting some solo work with it once I get more comfortable with it. Roams like today’s reaffirms my decision to stick around with this group of pilots. Every time we have a roam, I have a good time, gain a little more confidence, and learn something new. We have fun, fly smart, take losses well when they happen, and blow things up pretty darned well, if I do say so myself. I look forward to where we will go in the future.


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