Battleship Fail!

Last night, I logged in to find a fleet advert up for more fun in Mara. I hopped in my Manticore again, and started heading up there. As I was entering Mara, I hear over the comms that there’s a flashy red Drake approaching the Piekura gate. Jumping at the opportunity, our fleet followed him through the gate, and locked him up on the other side. Our DPS, coupled with the gate guns and CONCORD, meant that he melted before I could catch up and jump through to Piekura. Sad I missed the action, I cloaked up, and started away from the gate to get range.

After a minute, we see a notice that another flashy red has entered the system. Lo and behold, he’s the friend of the Drake! Our scouts from earlier knows that the new pilot’s in a Tempest. Not believing our luck, we prepare for him to decloak at the gate. Once he pops up on the overview, we all lock, I decloack and target paint him, and start lobbing torpedoes. He doesn’t last long. As I recloak and change positions, the fleet begins looting the wreck, and discover some 800mm Heavy “Scout” arties, which quickly get scooped up. Our voice comms were filled with laughter for the next couple of minutes as we went over what just happened. That Tempest checked in at almost 160mil ISK, and the Drake was about 47mil ISK, and we barely had to do anything. We couldn’t believe that the Drake would jump through without realizing Piekura was highsec, and even more surprised when his friend in the Tempest followed!

Heading back to Mara, we begin looking for targets. Alex Carmel managed to scan down a Caldari Navy Hookbill, and with that kind of shiny on the field, we pounced. Unfortunately, as this was happening, I was girlfriend scrambled trying to decide on dinner, and missed out on the kill. Oh well. Missed out on a faction frigate, but gained delicious burritos in return. I think that worked out well in the end.

On a side note, I’ve purchased the first command centers I need for my planned PI project. I’m going to focus on POS Fuels, as they seem to be a relatively simple end product to make, and should always be in demand. I really need to spend some more time fiddling around with my PI setup on SISI to make sure I’ve got everything figured out more, but with my new love for lowsec PVP, I’ve been a little distracted.


2 Responses to “Battleship Fail!”

  1. Fuck, I always miss the lowsec fleets, nobody ever tells me these things.

    At least there’s the losec pew tonight.

    • The last few outings I’ve been in have all been pretty spur of the moment. Usually one of us is out hunting, and when other people log on, a fleet starts being formed.

      I am looking forward to more organized fleet ops, though. Hopefully we have a good turnout.

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