So, as we’ve been getting more action in lowsec, we’ve started seeing more people join up for our roams. For the first time in probably a couple months, we had an informal op scheduled for this past Wednesday. With nearly all of our active members in fleet, we start checking our usual stomping grounds, with absolutely no luck at all. Either the system was dead, or other gangs in the area were rolling too heavy for us to engage. We kept up hopes that something would show up, but no luck. After a couple of hours, we gave up. We tried another impromptu gang yesterday, but ended up with the same results, eventually popping an empty Iteron in frustration. Knowing that this is how PVP goes in EVE sometimes, we split up, with some people staying out in lowsec, while others ran missions to keep their security status high enough to enter 1.0. I spent some time checking customs stations and planets for haulers and others interacting with PI.

Speaking of PI, I have two planets currently set up, extracting and processing as we speak. Coolant, oxygen, and enriched uranium are being pumped out of my processors. After this weekend, I’ll set up another planet or two, and see if I can figure out what my potential profit so far will be.

I’m going to be gone for the weekend, or else I’d probably have another post before the weekend was out. My little brother is getting married tomorrow, so I get to go play best man for a day, and see some family I have’t seen in a while.

Fly safe this weekend, and good luck to everyone in the Alliance Tournament!


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