R.E.P.O. has a new friend…

Over the weekend, Semper Liber joined the R.E.P.O. Alliance. They just finished their latest war, and we joined up while they’re taking a bit of a break on contracts. The past few days have seen multiple combined forces operations, as we start learning about our new friends, and start getting comfortable with trusting each other in combat. Word is that work will be coming soon, which we are very excited about. I’m currently working on my skills to fly the Onyx Heavy Interdictor. My fit looks good, and in under a week, my skills will be ready for me to bust out that beautiful black-clad Moa hull.

I’ve been spending more time roaming through my usual pipe with my stealth bomber, but targets have been scarce recently. I have been searching lowsec for unwitting haulers and industrials, but everyone I run across either scrambles to a safe spot or POS, or docks up. I think I’m spending too much time in places that are known combat regions. Guess it’s time to either break out the alt, or find new hunting grounds somewhere a little less hostile.


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