A Personal Milestone

Ladies and Gentlemen, something magical has happened.

Not more than 2 hours ago, I made my first successful solo kill. Prepare for story time, my friends.

Today, I got home from work and logged on. R.E.P.O. recently got some new war targets in the form of the Umbrella Chemical Inc alliance. When I got logged on, I joined up with the fleet that was out hunting them, jumped into my Manticore, and started making my way to them. While I was on my way, I stumbled across a lone WT a couple jumps from Jita. Noting this, I move an alt into the system, and park myself at a safe in the neighboring system. After a little bit, the pilot logged. I stepped away from my computer for a bit to hang out with a friend that dropped by. Afterwards, I got back on, and my alt discovered that the pilot was back on, and MINING in an Osprey! I pin down his location, then jump my main back into the system, and immediately warp to the belt at range.

As I landed on grid, my heart was pounding, and my hands were shaky and sweaty. Then I get decloaked by an asteroid. Crap! I wait for the cycle to finish, then reengage the cloak, keeping an eye on his velocity on my overview, as well as on local. Nothing so far, mining lasers still chewing away at an asteroid. I continue into point range, decloak, set my point and target painter, and begin unloading torpedoes at him. It took 4 volleys, and what felt like 5 minutes for him to pop. I attempt to lock his pod, but he manages to get out before I can get him targeted.

My adrenaline still pumping, I let out a shout in triumph, scooped the loot, and warped off. The pilot then convos me, and commends me on the kill, and blames the new Futurama episodes that were airing at the time.


One Response to “A Personal Milestone”

  1. Alex Carmel Says:

    Good job. Text book empire war gank.

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