Breathing Room

I haven’t logged in to EVE in a couple of days, outside of PI needs and skill training. Recently I had a couple losses that probably shouldn’t have happened, but they did. I’m taking them both pretty seriously, as now my profession is based around me blowing up other people’s ships, and hopefully not my own. Somehow with all of the things exploding, I have to make sure that I come out on top ISK wise.

My first loss was my first in my Taranis. While hunting WT’s for a while, we pinned some down at a station. Keeping our main fleet a few jumps out, our scout got them to engage outside the station. We jumped into the system, and I warped to 0 to the target. Unfortunately, when I came out of warp, I was right on top of the station, with little room to maneuver. I pointed the Hurricane that was primaried, and attempted to get my orbit going. Being the relative PVP noob that I am, I accidentally turned on my mwd instead of my afterburner. I then forgot about it, and started firing my guns at the ‘cane. Within a couple seconds, I started taking fire from another WT that unlocked in a Myrmidon. He also launched Warrior II’s, which started taking me down quick. I was scrambled, and failed to remember to switch on my afterburner. Realizing I was screwed, I attempted to burn away from the fight, but it was too late. My Taranis went down in a ball of flame and shrapnel. Luckily I got my pod out. I felt like an idiot for dying, but took some solace in the fact that our other Taranis went down as well.

My next loss took place a couple days later. With a WT roam going on in Amarr space, I hopped in my Ferox, and started making my way towards the fleet. As I’m making my way through the two lone lowsec systems laying between me and the fleet, I land on a gate with a sensor boosted Tempest waiting there. I jump through, and watch as the Tempest follows. Knowing that trouble is coming, I hold gate cloak, and start planning. The Tempest uncloaks, and starts taking gate fire. Picking the celestial closest to the bow of my ship, I waited until a neutral drops onto the gate or jumps through. While I’m waiting, an Astarte shows up, a friend of the Tempest. I begin worrying. Finally, another ship landed on gate, something that I was hoping would be a tastier target than my Ferox. I took the opportunity to align and attempt to GTFO. No luck there. I was targeted and pointed within seconds. I then align back to the gate, and hope that I can make it in time. As my Ferox starts to slowly make it’s way back to the gate. Realizing that escape was impossible at this point, I began firing at the Tempest, hoping that maybe I’d get some good shots in and take the Tempest out. No luck there, either. My Ferox explodes, and I again manage to get my pod out. I begin making my way back home, grumbling to myself.

After these losses, I was frustrated to say the least. While I am making strides in learning the finer points of PVP, these losses reminded me of my own mortality. Semper Liber has been doing an awesome job since joining R.E.P.O. and I think that I may have begun feeling invincible. I hadn’t had a loss since my Merlin was taken out while providing cover for a corp mate to GTFO.

This, coupled with some issues in my personal life, have made me steer away from EVE for a couple days, playing games with an easier to reach “I win!” button, just to stroke the ol’ video game ego. I plan on returning this weekend, in time for some more fleet action with one of our various new WT’s. We were recently dec’d by both The 0rphanage, as well as Snatch Victory, long time rivals to R.E.P.O. This should prove interesting.


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