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Breathing Room

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on July 2, 2010 by thezerion

I haven’t logged in to EVE in a couple of days, outside of PI needs and skill training. Recently I had a couple losses that probably shouldn’t have happened, but they did. I’m taking them both pretty seriously, as now my profession is based around me blowing up other people’s ships, and hopefully not my own. Somehow with all of the things exploding, I have to make sure that I come out on top ISK wise.

My first loss was my first in my Taranis. While hunting WT’s for a while, we pinned some down at a station. Keeping our main fleet a few jumps out, our scout got them to engage outside the station. We jumped into the system, and I warped to 0 to the target. Unfortunately, when I came out of warp, I was right on top of the station, with little room to maneuver. I pointed the Hurricane that was primaried, and attempted to get my orbit going. Being the relative PVP noob that I am, I accidentally turned on my mwd instead of my afterburner. I then forgot about it, and started firing my guns at the ‘cane. Within a couple seconds, I started taking fire from another WT that unlocked in a Myrmidon. He also launched Warrior II’s, which started taking me down quick. I was scrambled, and failed to remember to switch on my afterburner. Realizing I was screwed, I attempted to burn away from the fight, but it was too late. My Taranis went down in a ball of flame and shrapnel. Luckily I got my pod out. I felt like an idiot for dying, but took some solace in the fact that our other Taranis went down as well.

My next loss took place a couple days later. With a WT roam going on in Amarr space, I hopped in my Ferox, and started making my way towards the fleet. As I’m making my way through the two lone lowsec systems laying between me and the fleet, I land on a gate with a sensor boosted Tempest waiting there. I jump through, and watch as the Tempest follows. Knowing that trouble is coming, I hold gate cloak, and start planning. The Tempest uncloaks, and starts taking gate fire. Picking the celestial closest to the bow of my ship, I waited until a neutral drops onto the gate or jumps through. While I’m waiting, an Astarte shows up, a friend of the Tempest. I begin worrying. Finally, another ship landed on gate, something that I was hoping would be a tastier target than my Ferox. I took the opportunity to align and attempt to GTFO. No luck there. I was targeted and pointed within seconds. I then align back to the gate, and hope that I can make it in time. As my Ferox starts to slowly make it’s way back to the gate. Realizing that escape was impossible at this point, I began firing at the Tempest, hoping that maybe I’d get some good shots in and take the Tempest out. No luck there, either. My Ferox explodes, and I again manage to get my pod out. I begin making my way back home, grumbling to myself.

After these losses, I was frustrated to say the least. While I am making strides in learning the finer points of PVP, these losses reminded me of my own mortality. Semper Liber has been doing an awesome job since joining R.E.P.O. and I think that I may have begun feeling invincible. I hadn’t had a loss since my Merlin was taken out while providing cover for a corp mate to GTFO.

This, coupled with some issues in my personal life, have made me steer away from EVE for a couple days, playing games with an easier to reach “I win!” button, just to stroke the ol’ video game ego. I plan on returning this weekend, in time for some more fleet action with one of our various new WT’s. We were recently dec’d by both The 0rphanage, as well as Snatch Victory, long time rivals to R.E.P.O. This should prove interesting.


A Personal Milestone

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 24, 2010 by thezerion

Ladies and Gentlemen, something magical has happened.

Not more than 2 hours ago, I made my first successful solo kill. Prepare for story time, my friends.

Today, I got home from work and logged on. R.E.P.O. recently got some new war targets in the form of the Umbrella Chemical Inc alliance. When I got logged on, I joined up with the fleet that was out hunting them, jumped into my Manticore, and started making my way to them. While I was on my way, I stumbled across a lone WT a couple jumps from Jita. Noting this, I move an alt into the system, and park myself at a safe in the neighboring system. After a little bit, the pilot logged. I stepped away from my computer for a bit to hang out with a friend that dropped by. Afterwards, I got back on, and my alt discovered that the pilot was back on, and MINING in an Osprey! I pin down his location, then jump my main back into the system, and immediately warp to the belt at range.

As I landed on grid, my heart was pounding, and my hands were shaky and sweaty. Then I get decloaked by an asteroid. Crap! I wait for the cycle to finish, then reengage the cloak, keeping an eye on his velocity on my overview, as well as on local. Nothing so far, mining lasers still chewing away at an asteroid. I continue into point range, decloak, set my point and target painter, and begin unloading torpedoes at him. It took 4 volleys, and what felt like 5 minutes for him to pop. I attempt to lock his pod, but he manages to get out before I can get him targeted.

My adrenaline still pumping, I let out a shout in triumph, scooped the loot, and warped off. The pilot then convos me, and commends me on the kill, and blames the new Futurama episodes that were airing at the time.

R.E.P.O. has a new friend…

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Over the weekend, Semper Liber joined the R.E.P.O. Alliance. They just finished their latest war, and we joined up while they’re taking a bit of a break on contracts. The past few days have seen multiple combined forces operations, as we start learning about our new friends, and start getting comfortable with trusting each other in combat. Word is that work will be coming soon, which we are very excited about. I’m currently working on my skills to fly the Onyx Heavy Interdictor. My fit looks good, and in under a week, my skills will be ready for me to bust out that beautiful black-clad Moa hull.

I’ve been spending more time roaming through my usual pipe with my stealth bomber, but targets have been scarce recently. I have been searching lowsec for unwitting haulers and industrials, but everyone I run across either scrambles to a safe spot or POS, or docks up. I think I’m spending too much time in places that are known combat regions. Guess it’s time to either break out the alt, or find new hunting grounds somewhere a little less hostile.


Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 11, 2010 by thezerion

So, as we’ve been getting more action in lowsec, we’ve started seeing more people join up for our roams. For the first time in probably a couple months, we had an informal op scheduled for this past Wednesday. With nearly all of our active members in fleet, we start checking our usual stomping grounds, with absolutely no luck at all. Either the system was dead, or other gangs in the area were rolling too heavy for us to engage. We kept up hopes that something would show up, but no luck. After a couple of hours, we gave up. We tried another impromptu gang yesterday, but ended up with the same results, eventually popping an empty Iteron in frustration. Knowing that this is how PVP goes in EVE sometimes, we split up, with some people staying out in lowsec, while others ran missions to keep their security status high enough to enter 1.0. I spent some time checking customs stations and planets for haulers and others interacting with PI.

Speaking of PI, I have two planets currently set up, extracting and processing as we speak. Coolant, oxygen, and enriched uranium are being pumped out of my processors. After this weekend, I’ll set up another planet or two, and see if I can figure out what my potential profit so far will be.

I’m going to be gone for the weekend, or else I’d probably have another post before the weekend was out. My little brother is getting married tomorrow, so I get to go play best man for a day, and see some family I have’t seen in a while.

Fly safe this weekend, and good luck to everyone in the Alliance Tournament!

Battleship Fail!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on June 8, 2010 by thezerion

Last night, I logged in to find a fleet advert up for more fun in Mara. I hopped in my Manticore again, and started heading up there. As I was entering Mara, I hear over the comms that there’s a flashy red Drake approaching the Piekura gate. Jumping at the opportunity, our fleet followed him through the gate, and locked him up on the other side. Our DPS, coupled with the gate guns and CONCORD, meant that he melted before I could catch up and jump through to Piekura. Sad I missed the action, I cloaked up, and started away from the gate to get range.

After a minute, we see a notice that another flashy red has entered the system. Lo and behold, he’s the friend of the Drake! Our scouts from earlier knows that the new pilot’s in a Tempest. Not believing our luck, we prepare for him to decloak at the gate. Once he pops up on the overview, we all lock, I decloack and target paint him, and start lobbing torpedoes. He doesn’t last long. As I recloak and change positions, the fleet begins looting the wreck, and discover some 800mm Heavy “Scout” arties, which quickly get scooped up. Our voice comms were filled with laughter for the next couple of minutes as we went over what just happened. That Tempest checked in at almost 160mil ISK, and the Drake was about 47mil ISK, and we barely had to do anything. We couldn’t believe that the Drake would jump through without realizing Piekura was highsec, and even more surprised when his friend in the Tempest followed!

Heading back to Mara, we begin looking for targets. Alex Carmel managed to scan down a Caldari Navy Hookbill, and with that kind of shiny on the field, we pounced. Unfortunately, as this was happening, I was girlfriend scrambled trying to decide on dinner, and missed out on the kill. Oh well. Missed out on a faction frigate, but gained delicious burritos in return. I think that worked out well in the end.

On a side note, I’ve purchased the first command centers I need for my planned PI project. I’m going to focus on POS Fuels, as they seem to be a relatively simple end product to make, and should always be in demand. I really need to spend some more time fiddling around with my PI setup on SISI to make sure I’ve got everything figured out more, but with my new love for lowsec PVP, I’ve been a little distracted.

Out of the Shadows

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Today saw roaming fun in some of our usual haunts. I brought out my Manticore for it’s first combat, and I’m very happy with the performance of it so far. I can work as a scout thanks to the covert ops cloak on it, and I can also get in on the kill mails with some decent damage from my torpedoes. I enjoy being able to be very selective with my targets as well, taking time to figure out my odds, and also call in the calvary precisely where they’re needed.

First off, I located a lone Cormorant ratting in a belt. Got myself in range, called in Unreal with his Curse, and pop went Jarowit, CEO of C.E.T.C, who are apparently here for sex AND violence according to their Corp description.

Next, while roaming near Mara, Alex Carmel engaged a Hawk, hoping to hold it until we could arrive. Unfortunately, we were a little late in getting there, and a Maller showed up, and started engaging Alex as well. Alex ended up popping, and the Hawk bugged out. The Maller stuck around, and then had to deal with Alex’s backup. He didn’t last long. We were all quite surprised to discover 7 Medium Trimarks in his cargo hold, all of which dropped.

Earlier in Tama, Alex got probed out, and lost a Tristan. After roaming around a bit, we returned to Tama, where the pilot that killed just happened to jump back into system with Alex. Knowing he saw him, Alex warped to his old wreck, and waited in his Vexor. We all waited patiently, hoping that the pilot would check back at the wreck. Soon, probes showed up on d-scan, and in he drops with a Harbinger. We warp in, the Curse neuts him to death, and then we melt him.

At this point, I think we were talking about maybe calling it quits. Personally, I was doubting my luck in keeping alive would hold out much longer. Then a Drake pops up on scan. We can’t pass this up. I find him ratting in a belt, call in the other guys, and we begin raining fire down on him. He dies pretty quickly.

This next one was hilarious. We find a Caracal sitting about 250km off this belt not moving at all. With some quick positioning by Raiden Kaine in his Purifier, Unreal dropped in on him at near perfect range, tackles him, and starts draining his cap. I was unfortunately out of range, and he died before I could get my torpedoes to him. As he warps off, he leaves this gem in local:

[00:18:51] Aromenoslow > good kill pussy i was slipping , i will be in my drake next time.

We all had a good chuckle at his fit, as well. Evidently he was worried about his cap.

After this, I call it quits. A great first run for my stealth bomber, and my killboard stats have never looked better. I’m looking forward to refining my fit, and possibly attempting some solo work with it once I get more comfortable with it. Roams like today’s reaffirms my decision to stick around with this group of pilots. Every time we have a roam, I have a good time, gain a little more confidence, and learn something new. We have fun, fly smart, take losses well when they happen, and blow things up pretty darned well, if I do say so myself. I look forward to where we will go in the future.

AT VIII and the EVE Novels

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 8th annual Alliance Tournament. In my previous time spent in EVE, I never got into the tournaments. Now that I finally seem to be able to wrap my head around all the nuiances of PVP, I’m way more interested in this year’s competiton. I have been watching videos from last year, getting an idea on what strategies returning alliances will utilize, and also continuing to learn ship types and fleet roles. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the live broadcast of the qualifying match tomorrow, as it’s supposed to be one of the nicer days we’ve had in weeks around here, and it’ll be the first time we’ve both had a weekend day off in a couple months, so we’re going to take advantage of it, and go on a motorcycle ride together.

I recently picked up a copy of both of the EVE novels. As a sci-fi novel junkie (primarily Star Wars), I decided that I should give another franchise a chance. Usually with sci-fi, I grow bored quickly, because, well, it’s not Star Wars. I have started reading The Empyrean Age a couple of days ago, an I’m happy to report that I have not given up on it yet. Having the book placed in a universe that I’m fairly knowledgeable about is definitely helping keep my interest. So far, the book has been decent, however I have heard unfavorable reviews of this one, and an overall better view of the second novel, The Burning Life. I’m enjoying reading about Tibus Heth, though. As a Caldari character, it’s nice to get some further backstory towards his rise to power as a champion of the working class Caldari.

Our recruitment drive has been going well. We have a new recruit, whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, but we are still looking for more PVP pilots! Check out my previous post about recruitment for more info!